CRITERIA: A patient who is suffering from neck or back pain

Week 1

Educate patient on body mechanics/deleterious activities.

Acute symptom management (Ultrasound, Electrical Stimulation, Heat/Cold modalities, Massage, Myofascial soft tissue work).

Gentle exercise/stretching program.

Week 2

Advanced exercises for week 2 protocol.

Manage symptoms/pain (As above modalities).

Integrate basic aerobic conditioning.

Independent with stretching program.

Week 3

Exercises per week 3 protocol integrating dural root stretches to prevent adhesions/scarring.

Mild strengthening without symptom provocation.

Treatment Approach *


Week 4

Exercises per week 4 protocol.

Aerobic exercises to 15 minutes without symptom provocation.


Week 5

Exercises per week 5 protocol integrating progressive strengthening.


Week 6

Advanced week 6 protocol featuring dynamic  stabilization/ stretching activities.

Discharge patient ensuring compliance /education /prevention of  re-injury or       re-occurrence.

*Aspen Rehabilitation offers this information as a general outline and emphasizes that your particular program may vary in time or type of treatment.

Patient education is always a key component

Aspen Rehabilitation Program focuses on providing manual therapy, therapeutic exercise, postural correction exercises and functional training to help alleviate pain and restore function.