"When I started treatment, I could not walk without quite a bit of pain and limping… by the time treatment ended and we took our trip, I was able to do everything I wanted to do, including playing tennis, without pain "

NANCY C.  Read Nancy's Letter

" I recently injured my leg with some glass, severed my tendons + nerves and lost..….Being a gym owner and Personal Trainer, I thought I could do it on my own…I was wrong…I never felt like a number. I received one on one treatment throughout and most of all, success!”

DAVID S.  Read David's Letter

"…..during my recovery from a herniated disc in my lower back……..I was referred to you by Dr……….due mainly from the positive feedback from many patients…”

RON D.  Read Ron's Letter


“You helped overcome my feelings of imbalance by..…………..I thank you, most gratefully.”

ISABELLE S.  Read Isabelle's Letter

"Extreme lower back pain was eliminated with professional guidance and compassion."  – R.D.

"I am grateful that I can now resume my normal life.  Thanks!" – D.G​

"Substantially improved from onset to present, 90% improved!!" – M.C.​

"I am able to sleep on my right side without any numbness." – C.G.​

"When I started therapy I had numbness in my left hand and two fingers were completely numb.  Upon completion of therapy, I have full sensation back in my hand and fingers." – P. E.​

"When I first came in, I couldn’t even touch my knees when I bent over.  Now I can almost touch my toes.  I am feeling much better." – M. S.​

"Aspen staff, without exception, is positive, professional andvery caring." –M.D.G.

"No more headaches in the morning and I’m sleeping better.  I have no back pain and much better posture." – C.L.

"It is nice to know that there are people out there that care." – B. B.​

"I am able to walk straight ahead without staggering." – I. S.​

"I’m back to tennis and every day life without pain." – J.H.​

"Very effective program" – T.H.​

"I feel much better and pain free." – E.C.​

"I have much less pain in my back!" – I.C.​