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Aspen Rehabilitation is a clinic providing a combination of advanced manual treatment techniques, osteopathic techniques, and traditional physical therapy techniques to treat acute and chronic conditions of various types.

Pain Management:
Aspen Rehabilitation offers skilled Pain Managementservices  to help those suffering from chronic pain due to accident, injury, or chronic pain conditions.

Shoulder problems:
The shoulder is the most complex joint in the body. It is the foundation for all arm use in daily activity. Aspen Rehab specializes in Shoulder Physical Therapy and treats conditions like: After Surgery Rehab,  Rotator Cuff problems, Bursitis, Tendonitis, Frozen Shoulder( adhesive capsulitis), Fractures, and many other conditions.


Back/ Neck Pain:
Aspen Rehabilitation’s Physical Therapists use gentle hands-on treatments to correct the cause of neck and back pain. This is done via reduction of soft tissue and joint restrictions, which restores normal mechanics of the spine, sacrum, and pelvis. This is first begun with a very comprehensive evaluation by one of our highly trained Physical Therapist. Back and neck pain is our specialty and offered as a comprehensive Spine Rehabilitation Program .

Sciatica or radiating pain:
Radiating or “shooting pains” down the arms or legs can be effectively treated with Physical Therapy. Sciatica is usually a general term to describe radiating or “shooting pains” down one or both legs. Manual hands-on Physical Therapy treatments are effective in alleviating disc herniations, soft tissue compression, and nerve impingements of the neck or back. These help reduce symptoms of radiating or sciatica pain. Aspen Rehabilitation’s Physical Therapists can find and treat the cause of this compression with a comprehensive Physical Therapy evaluation and treatment program.

Even if a headache or migraine is triggered by food, environment, or hormone cycles, there is usually a mechanical cause for the headache or migraine produced. Sometimes the mechanical cause is tightness in the muscles of the neck and poor movement of the first 2 vertebra in the upper neck. The good news is headaches and migraines may be treated without medication. Aspen Rehabilitation’s Physical Therapists use manual techniques to stretch out the restrictions and improve the mechanics of the joints of the skull and neck. This is very effective in helping the headache and migraine pain.

Aspen Rehabilitation’s Physical Therapists are specialists in evaluating the root cause of falls and imbalance by testing patients for inner ear dysfunction, somatosensory (sensation in the feet), visual, and other system related problems. Sometimes medications need to be reviewed and information shared with your doctor. Aspen Rehabilitation’s Physical Therapists provide specific balance exercises for balance and inner ear problems.


Research shows that even supplemental calcium and medications may have a limited effectiveness unless combined with a targeted exercise, weight bearing, and a strength-training program that emphasizes weight bearing through bones. Aspen Rehabilitation targets patient’s particular needs and designs a specific program to maximize bone strength, prevent fractures, and avoid postural changes.

Those who have had Breast Cancer with Lymph nodes removed or individuals who have chronically swollen legs due to surgery, vein, and/or infection problems should be aware that they are now at risk for a condition called Lymphedema.This is where the arm(s) or leg (s )begin to swell with fluid and look larger. Aspen Rehabilitations Certified Lymphedema therapists offer a comprehensive Lymphedema treatment program to treat this condition.

Walking /GaitProblems:
A person’s walking or  “gait” can be improved by treating joint restrictions and postural changes. Pelvic, hip, knee, spine, and even ankle restrictions can lead to poor balance, pain, or unsteady ambulation. Aspen Rehabilitation’s Physical Therapists increase mobility and strength of the Legs, improve balance reactions and ability to weight shift, all of which promote safer ambulation. For those with chronic balance or walking difficulties or after surgery weight bearing restrictions, training on the use of crutches, canes, or walkers may be necessary to ensure safety and prevent falls.

One on one care is what patients who suffer from neurological conditions need. Aspen Rehabilitation’s Physical Therapists spend one hour with each patient working on his/her specific needs. Aspen Rehabilitation’s Physical Therapists continuously adjust the program depending on the patient’s response to promote maximal results.