Lymphedema to Legs

Those with chronic leg vein problems (venous insufficiency); surgery to the legs, or infections to the legs may develop Lymphedema. This is where the legs will swell excessively, become misshapen, may have sores and wounds that open spontaneously, or change in color with red and brown staining to the skin. The term "Elephantitis" of the legs has sometimes been used as a term for this condition. Overall, Lymphedema of the legs presents as an extremely large limb, usually with excessive size and folds of skin that requires medical attention to prevent secondary medical complications like cellulitis.

 Notice how size of limbs change with a Comprehensive Lymphedema Therapy Program.

Lymphedema to Arms

Women who have had Lymph nodes removed should also be aware that they are now at risk for a condition called Lymphedema. This is where the arm(s) will begin to swell with fluid and look larger. This is due to the fact that the lymph nodes, which have been removed, can now no longer pump or move fluid out away from the arm. This condition is one to be aware of for life as it can occur at any time after lymph node removal. It is important to watch for swelling in the arm and alert your doctor should it begin. Aspen Rehabilitation in Coral Springs, FL offers a comprehensive Certified Lymphedema treatment program to treat this condition.




Lymphedema can be managed effectively by a coordinated effort between your doctor and a Certified Lymphedema therapist. Be advised that Lymphedema therapists must be certified through an accredited program, as not all medical professionals, such as aestheticians, massage therapists, Physical or Occupational therapists have this advanced certification. Always ask to for credentials or documentation.

First, you must get a prescription from your doctor for this treatment. You will then meet with the Lymphedema therapist who will take a comprehensive medical history, ask you pertinent questions, perform a thorough evaluation including measurements of the affected area, then prescribe a Treatment Plan of Care. This Plan of Care normally involves Complete Decongestive Therapy (CDT) which consists of:

  1. Gentle lymphatic drainage massages called Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD).
  2. Temporary compression bandages and garments to help remove excess fluid.
  3. Skin care.
  4. Exercises to help remove excess fluid and swelling.
  5. Fitment for final compression garment after swelling resolved.
  6. Education on condition and prevention of future problems.


We can help you to bring down the swelling

Aspen Rehabilitation in Coral Springs, FL offers a comprehensive Certified Lymphedema treatment program to treat this condition.