Tim Weyant, MS PT, founder of Aspen Rehabilitation, graduated Cum Laude in 1999 with his Masters Degree in Physical Therapy. His career started as a hospital based therapist developing his skill in Intensive Care, Acute Care, Wound Care, Cardiac Care, Outpatient PT, and finally achieved the distinguished position as head of the Spinal Cord Injury Rehab Program. Mr. Weyant's specialized expertise and years of clinical skill have come together in private practice and ownership of Aspen Rehabilitation where he currently practices.

Mr. Weyant's clinical specialization and current area of interest includes the development of a cosmetic/plastic surgery based program that has benefited the community of post-cosmetic and reconstructive surgery patients. This includes providing non-surgical treatment for those with breast augmentation complications or breast implant capsular contracture.

Aspen Rehabilitation was created to provide exceptional rehabilitative and therapeutic care services. Services offered include spinal dysfunction and disorders that cause neck and back pain. Our years of experience and highly trained therapists can greatly help those with immobility issues, post-surgical problems, and any pain related diagnoses.
Aspen Rehabilitation was founded on personalized care to achieve exceptional results. Aspen Rehabilitation’s Therapists can help those that have not been helped by previous treatments.



Why does this matter? Just like your doctor is probably board certified or affiliated as a member of his/her professional medical association, so should your physical therapist. Being a member allows for staying abreast of recent advances in research, rules and regulations, and updates on issues that help you, the consumer. More importantly it shows that a therapist cares to be involved. Aspen Rehabilitation is proud to be a member of its professional association (APTA). If you’re looking for a qualified Physical Therapist, make sure to ask if they are an APTA member.

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